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Walk Off The Earth

EST. 2017

The World's First 'Guiharpulele'

/  strategic partnerships - social media - design - collaborations

the story

It was New Years 2016. I had been working as a Social Media & Brand Partnerships manager for a 'Blueberry Guitars' - a custom, hand-crafted guitar company based out of Bali, Indonesia. Their specialty is marrying art with craftsmanship and of course, music. I happened to see the talented (and amazingly creative) band 'Walk Off The Earth' performing near my Toronto apartment on NYE. I was blown away by the unique instruments they brought on stage and realized that they would be the perfect band to collaborate with. But, instead of gifting them with a custom designed guitar, I wanted to give them the opportunity to create their own instrument...what would soon become the world's first 'GuiHarpUlele'.

The band members wanted an instrument that could be played by all 5 members at once, and something that could cover a wide musical range. We decided on franken-instrument that was a blend between a Guitar, Harp, Ukulele, Washboard & Kalimba.


For months, we went back & forth exploring design iterations, structure modifications, materials, colors... In December of 2017, it finally arrived to Canada and was gifted to the band. Since then, the Guiharpulele has been incorporated in their music through their innovative covers to live performances, world tours, and the NBA finals too!



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