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EST. 2019

co-founder + creative director.


/ branding - package design - marketing - graphics - strategic partnerships - social media - creative strategies

the story

I'm a crazy dog mom unapologetically obsessed with my pup Lyla. When I became a dog mom for the first time in 2018, I realized how overwhelming, unhealthy (and corrupted) the pet space was. It was hard to find trust-worthy, clean and nutritious products or a relatable brand that made me feel seen & heard as a new and concerned pet parent...

I joined the healthybud team in 2019 as a co-founder + creative director, alongside my (now fiancé) and his best friend. Together, we started a modern pet wellness brand focused on helping dogs thrive through the power of healing ingredients & superfoods. 

Today, we have 12 all-natural wellness products on the market and are carried in over 600 stores across North America. 

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